• Bored Piles and CFA Piles
  • Minipiles and Micropiles
  • Cut-off Walls
  • Steel Sheet Piles
  • Driven Steel Tube, Timber and Precast Concrete Piles

Ground Anchors

Slope Stabilisation

  • Soil Nails, Rock Bolting and Shotcreting
  • Rock Fall Netting
  • Rock Catch Fencing
  • Rope Access Trained Personnel to IRATA standard
  • High Reach Drilling Capability
  • Grouting
  • Scaling and Devegetation

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Offshore Contracting 

  • Dawson HPH 9000 Hydraulic Piling Hammer—Offshore Specified
  • Automated Colloidal Grout Mixing System, Primarily for Bulk Annulus and Backfill Grouting—Offshore Specified

Laboratory Services

  • NATA registered soils and rock laboratory since 1972
  • Mobile NATA registered laboratory for remote and offshore servicing works