Bede Noonan, Managing Director of ACCIONA Geotech

Starting as Financial Controller with Geotech Group in 1991, Bede Noonan quickly demonstrated the ability that would benefit his employer. He moved into the area of Contract & Business Management again excelling. In 2000 Geotech's original owners decided to sell up and move on. At this point, with experience and expertise behind him, Bede became Executive Director and Shareholder. Whilst having the necessary knowledge and skill to work across all interests of the Geotech Groups operations, Bede's principal focus has been on Corporate Strategy, Business Development, and Financial & Systems Management. Motivated by Bede's passion for innovation and Research & Development, this focus has been key to his, and Geotech's ongoing success.

As Geotech Group CEO, Bede has ushered in an outstanding era of growth. This growth is underlined by the acquisition of Coleman Rail in 2002 and engineering business, John Beever Australia in 2007. Both these acquisitions increased Geotech Group's market position and were further indicators of success. With head office in Melbourne, Geotech Group now has established offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. It employs over 500 people across Australia.

With tertiary qualifications in the areas of economics and accounting, Bede inherently understands the financial aspects of projects and the business as a whole. Having steered a number of major infrastructure projects to success as Project Leader, Bede is the ideal selection for leadership at ACCIONA Geotech. Under his management and with his experience and expertise, ACCIONA Geotech is in the perfect position to become one of the largest construction Groups throughout Australia & New Zealand.

Bede's commitment to social responsibility is demonstrated through all his business activities. He has led the way in regularly donating profits and resources to not-for-profit organisations and sporting clubs. Bede has also provided donations to various charities. The close work with Swinburne University and their Professional Placements Program is further evidence of this strong commitment to social responsibility. The Geotech Placement Program provides opportunity for more undergraduates than any other like organisations. This is in part due to allowing these placements to come not just from engineering but a wide range of disciplines. This innovation underlies the value of the partnership and is fundamental to its success.

Bede has held roles as a Director of Master Builders Association of Victoria and the Piling and Foundation Specialist Federation of Australia. This is recognition of Bede as an outstanding industry leader.

The Geotech Group

Geotech Group was established in Victoria in 1972. Over forty years later, it has developed into one of Australia's premiere engineering construction companies. Geotech completes projects across a wide range of fields with success and has the proficiency to accomplish projects of technical complexity. These projects have covered ground engineering, rail infrastructure, civil infrastructure and industrial construction.

Three companies, each with its own specialisation, constitute The Geotech Group. The three companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of Geotech Holdings Pty Ltd. They are Geotech Pty Ltd (trading as Geotechnical Engineering), Coleman Rail Pty Ltd and John Beever (Aust) Pty Ltd. The specialisation provided to the Group by each of these companies allows for the running of a diverse range of operations within a number of industries and market sectors. Projects in areas such as rail, transport, water, oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, building, manufacturing and general service industries are indications of the diversity, specialisation and expertise of the Geotech Group.

Extensive workshop facilities within the Melbourne head office permit the maintenance and development of the specialised equipment. Geotech Group has a long history of providing cost-effective solutions. Whether as head contractor or in a sub-contracting role, the project delivery of the Geotech Group is within budget and on time. With a name synonymous with efficiency and expertise, Geotech has had involvement in some of Australia's most important infrastructure projects.


A global leader in sustainable solutions for infrastructure and renewable energy projects, ACCIONA has operations in more than 30 countries around the globe. It has the expertise to provide the entire value chain from research and development and design all the way through to the construction, operation and maintenance of projects. ACCIONA's business activities contribute to the economic and social progress of any community in which it operates.

ACCIONA is an industry leader in the transition to a low-carbon economy, and as such invests in innovation and adopting processes. High quality standards are maintained throughout its operations. This high quality in all business activities ensures optimisation of resource usage and environmental protection. ACCIONA's Australian operations began in 2002 and it has since invested $680 million in projects. With renewable energy, infrastructure and water projects across the country, ACCIONA now employs over 500 Australians.

ACCIONA Energy has built and owns three wind farms in Australia, with another to shortly begin construction. ACCIONA Energy was responsible for the construction of the Royalla solar project near Canberra, a project it continues to service. ACCIONA Infrastructure completed the landmark Legacy Way tunnels in Brisbane and has been involved in a number of other transport projects across the country. The ACCIONA Infrastructure team are currently working on bids in QLD, NSW, VIC and WA. In the water sector, ACCIONA Agua was part of the consortium that built and the Adelaide Desalination Plant for SA Water and the Mundaring Water Treatment Plant near Perth. It is now building water treatment plants on the Sunshine Coast and Tasmania.