Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering (Geotech) is one of Australia’s largest and most diversely skilled civil contracting businesses. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Geotech Holdings Pty Ltd and through this association is a sister company to Coleman Rail Pty Ltd, a rail line contractor, and John Beever (Aust) Pty Ltd, a specialised mechanical engineering and steel fabrication company. Together we are the Geotech Group. Whilst this document has been put together to introduce Geotech, the resources of both Coleman and Beever are available when necessary to ensure a successful outcome for any project.

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Formed in 1972, Geotechnical Engineering is uniquely experienced to undertake various specialist geotechnical construction works. Our project management skills have developed such that we are able to undertake the role of head contractor as naturally as we take on a specialist sub-contract role. We pride ourselves on undertaking projects with our own direct employees and equipment. With a large permanent direct labour workforce, we are uniquely placed to provide the most efficient solutions for our Clients.
Geotech targets projects where we can take advantage of the specialist skills we have developed over 40 years of contracting. Although continually servicing the entire country, in 2010 Geotech set up its new office in Perth, with the objective of providing our specialist services to the mining industry. These services include slope stabilisation, ground anchors, piling, civil works, offshore contracting and laboratory services, and are further detailed within this document.

Our diversity and vast experience allows Clients the convenience of encompassing large sections of tender works through the use of a single contractor. This also affords us the ability to work collaboratively with Clients, designers and other key stake-holders. We own, operate and maintain a large range of construction equipment including large bored pile piling rigs, drill rigs with capacity ranging from 75–4000mm diam. up to 500m deep, grout plants, cranes and conventional plant such as excavators and loaders.
Research and development is a constant philosophy at Geotech as we evolve with our Clients’ needs. We have recently under-taken the development of the Geotechnical Engineering Ground Anchor System, or GEGA system. GEGA is the only permanent anchor system fully developed in Australia. The system takes full advantage of recent advances in ground anchor technology and the benefits of being a fully specified anchor.
Enclosed you’ll find further detail relating to specialist activities that we undertake, which in many cases has either little or no construction precedent in Australia.



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