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As an ACCIONA company, Geotech is committed to a zero harm culture and has a genuine commitment to the health and safety of all employees, encapsulated in our "Be Safe. Home Safe." and Directors’ Safety Charter initiatives.

Each of our directors has a deep, personal and emotional commitment to ensuring no employee, contractor, or anyone associated with our groups activities is harmed in any way whilst working.

It is the fundamental aim of the company to provide a healthy and safe working environment which enables employees to return safely to their families, hence our "Be Safe. Home Safe" mission. 

Additionally, in 2016, Geotech’s Directors launched their Safety Charter which is reflective of their collective goal to sending every worker home safely. This initiative stems from the belief that all workers deserve to operate within a safe workplace where they feel respected and safe. 

The Program recognises that our workforce is our most important asset, and aims to recognise employees that are not only contributing to the overall growth and prosperity of Acciona Geotech, but doing so in a way that ensures that this is always done safely. 

The formal launch was attended by over 200 Geotech employees from Melbourne’s Metropolitan area, and as illustrated in the diagram below, the charter lists seven actions regarding health and safety which each director must commit to. The actions listed are concise and common sense, in an attempt for them to be immediately understood and to increase the ease of compliance on site.
Safety Charter

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