Pile load & integrity testing

Pile Integrity Test (PIT)

PIT is a low strain test used to determine pile geometry, continuity, soil response and structural integrity. It is a relatively quick site test applicable to all cast in situ pile types including bored, CFA and cast in situ displacement piles (eg GD pile)

Dynamic Load Testing  (DLT)

Dynamic Load Testing is a method to assess pile load capacity by applying a dynamic load to the pile head (usually drop weight in frame) while recording acceleration and strain at the pile head. DLT is a high strain dynamic test which can be undertaken on cast in situ piles when the pile concrete is strong enough to withstand the stresses generated during impact. For preformed piles (eg. steel, timber or precast concrete), testing can be done either during or after installation.

In addition to overall pile capacity, DLT provides information on load distribution (shaft resistance and end-bearing) and evaluates the shape and integrity of the pile. This pile test method has effectively replaced the traditional static load test in the Australian piling market.

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