Permanent ground anchors

GEGA System

Geotech has been at the forefront of global anchor development and technology since the 1960s. In 2001 Geotech was the first Australian company to develop, specify, test and commission a permanent ground anchoring system in Australia. This system is known as the Geotechnical Engineering Ground Anchor System or ‘GEGA System’. Since GEGA’s development, Geotech has developed and commissioned the world’s first high capacity permanent Carbon Fibre (CFRP) Ground Anchor System. Both the GEGA and CFRP systems have been installed in major projects across Australia, including dams.

Geotech’s ground anchor systems are compliant to Australian and international standards, enabling us to utilise our expertise to design, fabricate, install and monitor bespoke permanent ground anchor systems to meet design requirements of complex structures.

SBMA System

Geotech has the exclusive Australian licence for the patented Single Bore Multi Anchor System or ‘SBMA System’. This technology dramatically increases capacity when anchors are installed in soils and weak rocks. Case history evidence has shown the SBMAs can double the capacities of conventional anchors in this type of ground. The SBMA system can also be used as a removable anchor system. Removable anchors are required where it is undesirable or unacceptable to leave them in the ground, particularly in urban areas where they often extend into adjacent properties. The removable SBMA system provides a convenient and simple solution to a number of construction constraints in urban construction.

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