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78 Middleborough Rd, Soil Nail Wall

78 Middleborough Rd, Soil Nail Wall

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Burwood Brickworks is set to be a world leading retail & public space upon its completion. The approx. 12,700m2 space will comprise of retail outlets, public amenities and will house approx. 2,000 residents – the centre is seeking to be a part of the world’s most sustainable shopping districts due to its unique construction.

To allow excavation and then development on the 78 Middleborough Rd property, a retaining wall was required along the perimeter and adjacent RSPCA property.

Our Role

Geotech’s work involved the construction of a 300m long by up to 10m high retaining wall.
The detailed scope of works included:

  • Drilling, inserting, then grouting 800no. 4.5m X 25mm galvanised steel soil nails into siltstone wall at 1.5m spacing
  • Detailed excavation around the nails to ensure a flat and uniform wall surface
  • Fixing strip drains between the nails to prevent any water undermining the wall
  • Fixing RL81 mesh along the wall and tying onto the nails
  • Shotcrete spraying the wall 180mm thick
  • Creating a 300m spoon drain along the top to allow drainage into pits at either end of wall

Disciplines covered

  • Soil nail wall

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