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Yass Dam Upgrade, NSW

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The Yass Dam upgrade involved tripling the township of Yass’s potable water supply by raising the height of the existing concrete gravity dam by three metres. As a result of a prolonged drought, the Yass Valley Council highlighted the significance of the upgrade, which is now a reliable asset for the broader community in the Yass district.

Our Role

Geotech was engaged as principal contractor for the Yass Dam Upgrade.

The scope of works included concrete excavation components of existing dam; in-situ reinforced concrete works on downstream face and over crest; the design, fabrication, installation of post tensioned GEGA anchors; earthworks; roadwork; bridge construction; mechanical fabrication and installation of a new inlet pipe system, including valve automation; working at heights; working on/over water; and environmental management of works in a watercourse. 

Disciplines covered

  • In situ reinforced concrete works
  • Permanent (GEGA) Anchors
  • Permanent (CFRP) Anchors
  • Earthworks
  • Bridge construction
  • Post tensioning

Key Achievements

Ground Anchor expertise - Geotech is at the forefront of ground anchor research and development. Yass Dam is the location of the world’s first post tensioned Carbon Fibre (CFRP) ground anchor. Thanks to the support of Yass Valley Council, the CFRP 27-strand ground anchor was installed into the dam’s right hand side abutment.

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