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Mollee Weir Fishlock, Narrabri NSW

Mollee Weir Fishlock, Narrabri NSW

  • Specialist Civil

Geotech was engaged by WaterNSW to improve the fishway passage network along the Namoi River at Mollee Weir in northern NSW.

Our Role

Geotech was engaged as principal contractor for the Mollee Weir Fishlock by State Water NSW.

Scope of works included demolition of the original RHS weir abutment, construction of temporary sheet pile cofferdam, construction of the new fishlock structure, design fabrication, installation and commissioning of hydraulic and electric gates, valves actuators for the operation of the fishlock; design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of the new regulator gate; design, installation and commissioning of electrical works including PLC and HMI systems able to be incorporated into client systems, earthworks, rock beaching within the watercourse, and construction of a new control room.

Disciplines covered

  • Fishlock
  • Sheet piling
  • Rock beaching
  • Earthworks

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