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Yallourn Weir Upgrade, Victoria

Yallourn Weir Upgrade, Victoria

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Geotech was engaged as Principal Contractor for the Yallourn Weir Upgrade project. Geotech designed, constructed and installed a 30m long steel cofferdam in order to undertake the removal of the existing steel drum gate and construct a new concrete spillway whilst maintaining full water supply level. The project was made challenging because of the lack of existing and historical data from when the dam was originally constructed in the 1920’s and again during the two previous upgrades in the 1950’s.

Disciplines covered

  • Demolition and removal of the 30m wide steel drum gate including all mechanical and structural steel access systems.
  • General reinforced concrete works, including installation of grouted cogged anchors into the foundation to allow construction of new concrete ogee crest in place of the drum gate
  • Supply and installation of a new prefabricated steel access bridge, aluminium gates, stainless hydraulic operating pipes, position indicators and control cabinets for the new outlet structure
  • Refurbishment of the control room included.

Key Achievements

An innovative steel A-frame temporary cofferdam was designed, constructed, installed and commissioned by Geotech after preliminary dive investigations were performed. This cofferdam enabled full supply of the weir during all construction works, ensuring the power plant would not go off line during construction works.

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