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Ararat Windfarm Horizontal PT Ties & Permanent Ground Anchors, Victoria

Ararat Windfarm Horizontal PT Ties & Permanent Ground Anchors, Victoria

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Geotech was engaged as a specialist anchoring contractor to assist in the delivery of the Ararat Wind Farm, the third largest wind farm in Australia. It has 75 turbines, 34 of which are anchored foundations. Through early stages of design, Geotech was able to work with the designers to provide a cost- and time-effective anchored foundation solution. Geotech optimised a 24-strand high capacity post tensioned ground anchor with a minimum breaking load in excess of 6000kN. Geotech was contracted to manufacture, drill, install, stress and monitor 272 ground anchors across the 34 foundations over a 56-day period. The company was also engaged to supply and stress 512 horizontal PT ties within the 34 foundations.

Key Achievements

Geotech was able to develop robust construction techniques to mitigate against the effects of weather, and provide certainty over program.


In order to drill and install the anchors in a timely manner, Geotech custom designed and built a single pass down-hole-hammer drilling rig. This eliminated the time-consuming process of changing rods.

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